“A project like Keychange is an excellent way of promoting the brilliant women that are working in music whilst encouraging men and women from the industry to do more to support their careers.”


“Being a girl is awesome. but it’s even more awesome to be a girl AND to become something that history doesn’t expect from you. It’s so awesome because only with one of you, your reflexion will be seen by tons and tons of new girls, that maybe never before had seen a woman in music industry. so.. Keychange!! bring more women to the music world please!! you have all our support.”


“I’ve championed on my show many of the brilliant female musicians that PRS Foundation has supported in the past.  It’s great that the Keychange festivals are looking at how they programme female talent and I look forward to hearing about how all the artists and industry pros benefit from being part of such an exciting international network.”


“I am happy to be a Keychange ambassador, because I consider it to be of utmost importance that me and the other feministas continue to make a racket, organize ourselves and support each other”


“I thoroughly support Keychange and its aims to empower women in the music industry. I’ve enjoyed working with lots of talented female artists  so I’d love to see more young women being encouraged to make music their career. I also like the fact that the festivals are setting themselves a 5 year goal through Keychange – wouldn’t it be great for us all to see a more equal number of men and women on stages and on panels in the near future?”


“I remain utterly outraged by the depressing statistics surrounding female representation in every aspect of the global music business. I am exceedingly grateful to the PRS Foundation for their initiative in trying to put this to rights for we absolutely and urgently MUST put it to rights. We are doing a great disservice, not only to women of all races and socio-economic backgrounds but to all genders, culture and society in general by allowing the status quo to continue.  I am proud to support Keychange and everything it is trying to do. “


“Getting innovative minds together across disciplines and across borders is a fantastic way to network us into the future. Keychange is an awesome and creative initiative. I hope it will lead to an impacting change in the music industry “


“The statistics are sickening, the gender gap is huge, females are so poorly represented within this industry. For too long things have been out of balance and with initiatives like this the future is starting to look a lot more hopeful and fair. I fully support them in their efforts to reach towards equality. Keychange is here to put things to right..finally!”


“Keychange is one of the most exciting European music industry collaborations around at the moment. Above and beyond the brilliant networking events throughout Europe, KeyChange gives female artists and female innovators, real practical opportunities within the commercial arena, to demonstrate their skills, build on their successes and enable new innovations. Thereby, setting a strong foundation for solid long term careers within a more balanced industry that reflects the diversity of talent in Europe and beyond.”


“Far too often we see music festivals, panels and award nomination categories dominated by male presence. Keychange is working to address this discrepancy, challenging festivals to achieve a 50:50 balance by 2020. Who wouldn’t want to support something so valuable and empowering?!”


“Being a female conductor I’ve probably heard the question “How is it to be a female conductor?” more than any other question during my life so far so I’m absolutely aware that as a society we still do have the work to be done for the right balance. I am glad and very proud to be a Keychange ambassador as well as, with the whole City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, we are proud to sign up to the Keychange pledge.”


“It’s hard for women to make music if they don’t produce and there is still this patriarchal sense that women’s music is disposable and a novelty. They want to see you when you’re a young and fresh-faced and as you move into your 30s it’s harder because longevity is a big issue. I came into the industry already with a developed record and a sound and I think if you can do that it will give you a lot of room for manoeuvre. And getting to play live helps as you can build up musician and producer friends in a team. But if you’re coming out of nowhere, you can easily be manoeuvred around and ultimately find yourself at the end of the conveyor belt dropping off.”


The Keychange Inspiration award honours and celebrates women who have made an extraordinary and pioneering contribution to music and are role models for the next generation and for the Keychange network of 60 talented female artists and industry professionals. Keychange partners are selecting an Inspiration Award winner in each of their countries.


Icelandic singer and songwriter Emiliana Torrini has been awarded the latest Keychange Inspiration Award.

At this year’s BIME festival, we awarded the latest ‘Inspiration Award‘ to the Director of the Barcelona branch of and Communications & Digital Director, Head of International Media at Sonar music festival, Georgia Taglietti.

Popkollo is a music camp that takes place all around Sweden and is aimed at all girls and gender non-conforming people who love music.

A Keychange Inspiration Award was presented to music and arts pioneer Jayne Casey at Liverpool Sound City 2018.

The Estonian recipient of the Keychange Inspiration Award is Director and Art director of the Jazzkaar Festival, Anne Erm.

Dua Lipa was the first Inspiration Award winner, watch her acceptance speech here…