At Iceland Airwaves festival Icelandic singer and songwriter Emiliana Torrini was awarded the latest 'Inspiration Award'.

The Keychange Inspiration Award honours and celebrates female pioneers who have made an extraordinary contribution to music and are role models for the next generation and for the Keychange network of 60 talented female artists and industry professionals. Keychange partners select an Inspiration Award winner in each of their countries.

Upon receiving the Inspiration Award, Emiliana Torrini said,

“I didn’t know how to take getting an inspiration award, to be picked from an ocean of inspiring women is humbling. I’m doing what I do today because of the people who have inspired me. To be giving that back somehow means so much. Now is a very exciting time for women, a time to move forward through the old tar. Our journey has created many inspiring voices that empower us to put ourselves out there, to do the things we thought we couldn’t do. These voices bring changes and create spaces where once we were not welcome. We’re taking the credits we deserve, challenging the doubts within and supporting each other.

Something like Keychange helps empower women within our industry and like with the beginning of change in so many things in life the arts have to take the lead… so lets.”

Vanessa Reed, CEO of PRS Foundation and founder of Keychange said:

“Congratulations to Emiliana on being presented with this Inspiration Award today. Emiliana is a fantastic artist and songwriter whose impressive career has spanned more than two decades, nine albums, numerous collaborations and featured performances.  She is a brilliant role model for female music creators demonstrating that it is possible to sustain a successful 20-year career in this industry.”

As well as being an artist in her own right, Emiliana has written for artists including Kylie Minogue and has been nominated for a Grammy Award.