Reykjavik’s annual music takeover is about to get underway, as the Iceland Airwaves festival prepares for its 2018 edition!

As a founding partner of the Keychange initiative, we’re very happy to announce that Keychange will be heading to the festival to present a panel, host a reception, and to bring 9 of our Keychange participants to the festival’s stages.

Read on to for details of where and when to find Keychange at the festival, and make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to be kept up to date with our latest news.

Keychange Panel

Breaking the System: The importance of artist led collectives in the music industry
We take a look at how traditional models and structures of the music industry can be disrupted by embracing and championing artist led collectives, and how the rest of the industry can support these collectives to make a healthier and more vibrant music community.
Details: Centre Plaza – 13:30 – Friday 9th November

Keychange Reception

Silfursalir – 18:00 – Friday 9th November

Artists Performing

Wednesday 7th November:
19:50 – Hildur – Reykjavik Art Museum

Thursday 8th November:
19:40 – VAZ – Silfursalir
20:20 – Tawiah – Húrra
20:10 – Mueveloreina – Hressó
22:20 – Milkywhale – Silfursalir

Friday 9th November:
19:40 – KRÍA – Silfursalir
20:30 – Mari Kalkun – Bryggjan Brewery
20:50 – DJ. Flugvél & Geimskip – Húrra
23:10 – Kat Frankie – Bryggjan Brewery

Saturday 10th November
20:50 – Fever Dream – Hressó