Tallinn Music Week Diary Part One

Tallinn Music Week is a founding partner of Keychange, and is hosting the first gathering of all 30 music creators and 30 innovators. 8 artists funded through Keychange are performing at Tallinn Music Week and many more are doing panels, demonstrations and more!

Listen to the playlist, featuring artists funded through Keychange here http://bit.ly/ keychange playlist

Take a look through/like the Facebook album from Thursday 5th April here.

Take a look through the Facebook album from Friday 6th April here.

Thursday 5th April – Day One

On Thursday 5th April we kicked-off the busy schedule with a social media session and a group meeting, where many of the Keychange participants met for the first time. There was lots of exciting discussion and plans for collaboration from the get go!

Keychange participants gather together for the first time. Photo by Marianne Ubaleht.

Friday 6th April – Day Two

Friday schedule at Tallinn Music Week:
12pm – Keychange participants travel to Telliskivi Loomelinnak (Telliskivi Creative City)
2pm  – Keychange panel: ‘Future proofing the Music Industry’ – Kultuurikatel, Cauldron Hall
4pm – eEstonia showroom OR Ableton Talk featuring Chagall
5.30pm – Keychange and Tallinn Music Week reception/opening – Monrepos
Friday performances at Tallinn Music Week:
Mari Kalkun
Vaba Lava Performance Art Center – 20:00
Suzi Wu
KuKu club – 20:00
Von Krahl Theatre – 23:45
Akua Naru
Erinevate Tubade Klubi – 22:00
Martina of Tallinn Music Week and Vanessa Reed of PRS Foundation. Photo by Marianne Ubaleht.
Keychange group shot in Tallinn. Photo by Marianne Ubaleht.
On Friday 6th April the Keychange participants went to Telliskivi to meet some of the creative communities and organisations doing great things in Tallinn.
Keychange participants in Telliskivi. Photo by Marianne Ubaleht.

Vanessa Reed chaired the official (and brilliant) Keychange panel with Nyah Clarke, Melina Rathjen, Alexander Schulz and Ragnar Berthling, discussing ways of future proofing the music industry. Chagall demonstrated and discussed her music and her mi mu gloves, wowing everyone. We then had the Keychange and Tallinn Music Week reception where Anne Erm received the Keychange Inspiration Award!

Vanessa Reed, Anne Erm and Helen Sildna. Photo by Marianne Ubaleht.

Later in the evening, Suzi Wu, Mari Kalkun, and Akua Naru played incredible sets that filled us all with pride, awe, and sweet sweet music!

Suzi Wu performing at Tallinn Music Week 

Mari Kalkun performing at Tallinn Music Week

Akua Naru performing at Tallinn Music Week

Saturday at Tallinn Music Week:
10.00am – 4.00pm – Workshops for Keychange participants
16.00 – 18.30 – Innovation Fund & Manifesto Session for Keychange participants. 

Saturday performances:
Maïa Vidal
Sõprus Cinema – 19:00
Sinilind Cinema – 21:00
Telliskivi Roheline Saal – 22:30
Fever Dream
Sinilind Cinema – 23:35
Sinilind Cinema – 2:20am