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By Tamara Gal-On Social Self-Care: the art of ensuring your intentional interactions with the people who are part of your professional world are set up from the outset to build you up, not wear you out. Social self-care is important for creative people because it is so much harder to focus on creating or getting

By Tamara Gal-On I have a lot to say on longevity and sustainability – so this is going to be a series of articles.  If you love making music and you want it to be your living, there are certain things that will help and some things that won’t if you want to retire from

By Tamara Gal-On Part of the point of going to a music conference is Networking. Yes, I know, it’s a horrible truth but there it is.  Networking has a bad reputation.  A bit less scary than public speaking, a bit more annoying than finding you left the house without charging your phone past 20%. Depending

Seven ways to deal with Follow Up Challenges. The second in our 3 articles about making the most of conferences.