Independent artist and industry professional with experience as an artist, artist coach, booker, promotor, project - and social media manager. I’ve created and ran musical projects such as Botswana Sweden Jazz Exchange and Music Heals (Ukraine), including getting funding, and released 4 albums. I am very happy to have provided opportunity for artists to tour, showcase their art and work! This has given me great experience in the business and a strong network, along with the ability to create and finish projects. After a couple of years with a larger label in the beginning of my artist career I saw the need to go my own way, breaking free from the old fashioned male dominated music business, and be part of creating new ways of working and being of impact through music. I believe very much in cooperation. I have also seen first hand the old power structures in the business. Last year I finished the course Projectmanagement within the cultural sector at Stockholm University with A credits. I am also creating content and building my Youtube channel. Education: Kulturama Professional Artist 2 years, SMI (university musical edu) University English, International Relations and Project management. Social media (independent education).