BALA (Spain) are Anxela and Violeta, a guitar and drums duet with a very personal style. Their sound reminds the intense rock bands of the 90s, with a mixture of influences ranging from grunge to punk or stoner. To all this we add two very different voices. After being part of some Galician underground musical projects, BALA starts before the summer of 2014. After a very good reception, they give around 20 concerts in Galicia and several cities of Spain between September and December of that year . In late November they recorded their first album at Montealto Studies (A Coruña). 7 tracks recorded live and mastered by the renowned Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Sepultura, ...). In 2015 they followed with a flurry of activity and they release their first album, Human Flesh (Matapadre, 2015). The band starts to grow up really fast, and after many shows around Spain, UK or Portugal, they release their second album 'Lume' (recorded with the great Santi Gracía) in March 2017, and one month later they go on tour to Japan ans Australia. In summer 2017 they play at famous festival Resurrection Fest.