Alternative project born in the shade of Barcelona’s sun. A name and a surname that are already associated to the future of Synthpop: Brigitte Laverne. With only four songs in her debut EP, Laverne has been able to sneak among the most promising surprises of the season, a component which allowed her to be the only Spanish participant of the last edition of the Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo 2014. With her first LP about to be released, Brigitte Laverne is nowadays a recognized artist in the Synth-Pop scene, after touring around the most important venues of Spain and playing in important festivals such as Sonar (Barcelona & Reykjavik) or Primavera Club among others. Brigitte Laverne is not only Synthpop, it’s much more than a label or a number of influences (from the sound track of 'Drive' to the synthetic pop gems of the 80s). Synthpop’s soul and a lo-fi essence. Synthpop, after all, wrapped by warm melodies and a velvety voice. 2018 belongs to her, for obvious reasons and because Spotify says so, after naming her as one of the national promises to consider. INFLUENCES: New Order, The Cure, Glass Candy, Chromatics, College, The Teenagers.