I’m Eva Sarasola, borne in Basque Country 26 years ago. Since always I’ve been curious about the industry and the power of music. In college time I decided to study entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation degree at Mondragon University. During first year I cofounded a company (Kibber S.Coop) and I started to have the first real touch with the music industry. I’ve been manager/PR/promoter for Benito Lertxundi during 3 years, that was the best base for my knowledge. With his experience (more than 40 years) and our willing learning by doing, was the key for growing as a professional. By this time I had clear there was so much to do for the music and culture industry. Then I got the opportunity to work in Last Tour, the first major promotor in Spain. The past 3 years I’ve been working for BIME conference and this allows me to have a global experience about music industry. I’ve meet the key professionals in Spain and some of the music industry leaders across the world. I’m always looking for new challenges and hope to keep on learning from the best experiences.