Ana Rab, better known by her stage name GNUČČI, is an exuberant Yugoslavian/Swedish artist and performer. Proudly self-made she’s establishing a name for herself with her unique take on club music. Undeniably dance music, her style is also pop for a new decade; rich with textures and beguiling sounds. Simply put, GNUČČI uses a wide field of styles, eclectic influences and musical spaces to make bombastic bass-oriented songs. Putting her high-spirit and frenetic creativity into everything she does, she writes empowering songs aiming to soundtrack good times. She unleashes her bold and loud feminine energy during her live performances, charging up the room with freedom and fueling positive interaction. Beyond being a catalyser of energies, her music is ultimately a call to connect, share and care. Whether you are hit by her energetic cadence, witty raps, or her charming voice and hooks, GNUČČI is proving herself a vital voice in club music and a must-experience live.