We are Jenny and Cecilia VAZ, producers, songwriters and artist in the duo VAZ. We are also founders of the music project Studio XX. The purpose of Studio XX is to increase collaboration between Swedish songwriters and producers. By providing a music studio and connecting various skills in the field, we have created a platform for artistic activity that challenges the homogeneous structures and norms that exist in the Swedish music industry today. With Studio XX, we want to create a network for collaboration, ideas and development opportunities for female songwriters and producers. By encouraging women to collaborate and support each other instead of competing for a now small market share, we can strengthen the identity of female creators in a manly dominated industry and, in the long run, create opportunities for a larger part of the Swedish music industry dedicated to female authors. Our hope is that this project will contribute to a broader community among female songwriters and composers, and in the long run lead to increased gender equality and representation of women in all areas of music.