Having been active in the local music industry for six years, I've reached and worked myself to positions such as PA to Head Promoter at Live Nation Estonia, from there worked as Head of Marketing and Promotions at Universal Music Baltics and throughout the time been actively working as a freelance communication manager in support of local acts in addition. Gaining knowledge in (both international and local acts') concert production, promotion, artist and music management, communication and media relations as well as in artist's social media presence, voice and tactics creation. My drive gets fuel from artists, music and projects that I can imagine going far and wide and from there I gather the motivation and energy to help them build it all up. It is important for me to always get inspiration from doing things 60% how it has been proven to work but to add even 45% in a - what at first may seem as a random and weird - fresh angle. To not get stagnated and bored within our team and to make sure the audience doesn't as well. I'm all for surprising content, simplicity and honesty with a hint of weird.