It’s really important to us that Keychange reaches beyond just our participants and partners and provides a resource useful to anyone in the music industry. In our Sound Advice section you’ll find information, interviews and practical tips to help you succeed, whether you’re an artist, professional, innovator or all three. If there’s something you’d particularly like to see us talking about, just email and we’ll endeavour to cover the topics your interested in.

A quick exercise to help identify your values and create your most authentic work

Values, drive and following your intuition. Tamara coaches you through how and why your being authentic to yourself is so important.

I have a lot to say on longevity and sustainability – so this is going to be a series of articles.  If you love making music and you want it to be your living, there are certain things that will help and some things that won’t if you want to retire from the business at

Keychange  participant Anna Christoffersson filmed these inspiring and insightful videos with some fellow Keychange-rs at Tallinn Music Week.

Read up on some solid advice from our friends at Pigeons and Planes on where to start with growing your career

Part of the point of going to a music conference is Networking. Yes, I know, it’s a horrible truth but there it is.  Networking has a bad reputation.  A bit less scary than public speaking, a bit more annoying than finding you left the house without charging your phone past 20%. Depending on how much

Seven ways to deal with Follow Up Challenges. The second in our 3 articles about making the most of conferences.

Tamara Gal-on goes through all the most important things you can do to have a successful industry conference

Check out these four different applications of everyone’s favourite – reverb. Compiled by our friends at Ableton.

To better understand the issues, what you can do to try and deal with them and how you can be prepared, Dan Bettridge’s manager talks

Want to know how to get your music posted on websites and blogs? Fear not the Fader is here to guide you.

Watch a stunning Tedx talk from Keychange participant Chagall and see her incredible gloves in action