Artists, managers and PR’s alike can struggle with the question of how to get their music, the music they believe in, the attention it deserves. It’s not easy, and talking to the editor of a London publication we hear “I get over 300 press releases a day. New tracks, new albums, new shows, I have to filter it quickly and efficiently without being able to give credit and time to each of the carefully put together emails. Want to make sure I see it: let me know what you’re sending my way in the email subject, keep my attention with good imagery, be straight to the point with the information.”

To help you on your way The Fader have kindly put together this detailed guide on sending your music to some of the top blogs and magazines on the internet. “Writers and editors can be hard to start a conversation with; they get a ton of emails, work on deadlines, and probably get hit up for a lot of favors. To establish a relationship of trust, make it your goal to find the place where they prefer to correspond, and respect their privacy.”


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