Q: Please give us an introduction to who you are and what you do!?

Hiya, I’m Jamz Supernova a Broadcaster & DJ on BBC Radio 1Xtra. You can catch my shows Tuesday 10pm also Saturday & Sunday 1pm. I’m also an A&R Consultant at RCA (Sony)

Q: Has your Jamaican, Irish and Cuban heritage influenced your music taste?

I think it’s definitely made me more open, as I’ve been exposed to so many different sounds from an early age. Though both my Mum & Dad were massively into New Jack Swing & raved in the 80s Birmingham scene, so that influenced me more.

Q: Do you prefer Djing for a radio show, or for a live gig/festival?

They’re both so different, the radio show is such a chilled environment & it’s more of me selecting records. Whereas DJ’ing at a Gig or Festival is alot more interactive as you can gage people’s reaction in that moment. But I love both!!!

Q: What is your involvement with PRS Foundation and are you a fan of any particular music creators or organisations that we have funded?

I’m not actually too sure how I ended up doing bits for PRS. But I’ve been lucky enough to be on the panel for their Momentum scheme & helped out on their Women Who Make Music scheme. I think the schemes are so important for artists, I love that the artists who have benefited from Momentum are now massive artists such as Lapsley, Years & Years & Little Simz. And since I’ve been involved it’s been amazing to see artists that I have been supporting benefit such as Fyfe, Salute & R.O.M.

Q: What advice would you give to young DJs and do you think the current climate of curation makes it more difficult to succeed?

The advice I would give to young DJ’s is to really focus on building your brand, make sure your socials are on point and use them as a vehicle to really push what it is you’re doing whether that’s monthly mixes, a Radio show or a weekly playlist. I don’t think the Spotify climate makes it harder to succeed, it’s about adapting if Spotify is where it’s at rather than ignore it, get stuck in set up a Spotify account, make your own playlist!!

Q: What’s the weirdest or most unique experience that your work has led you to?

It would have to be when I went to Jamaica with Radio 1 & 1Xtra, I was working on Toddla T’s show at the time. The whole trip was a unique experience. We were invited to eat dinner with Chronixx at his launch party and the whole time they filmed us eating, that was strange, we bumped into male model Tyson Beckford in a car park party called Mojito Monday, Everybody knew who David Rodigan was from the Police to the coconut man on the side of the road & I DJ’d at a rooftop party infront of Sean Paul and ended up in the national paper the Jamaica Gleaner!! All in all top trip!!


Q: Please list 5-10 songs/artists below so we can make a playlist of what you are currently listening to!